Enjoy Karaoke with the biggest list of songs yet



PCDJ Karaoki is a spectacular program designed for all karaoke lovers out there. It is a powerful program that will become an integral part in all your parties, coming with a great list of songs and artists so you can imitate all your favourite stars.

This handy tool comes with information about the list of singers, a bulletin board, a music player and many other professional karaoke functions that make it ideal even for a DJ.

All digital karaoke files are stored on the hard drive, and you can search, download and play any of your karaoke songs instantly for a small fee. PCDJ Karaoki includes two karaoke music stores and some subscription channels. The software supports MP3 and WAV formats.

The Karaoke Cloud Pro cloud that comes with the program further improves the performance levels, so you can improve your karaoke show and enjoy your voice together with all your friends, and maybe add little sense of the ridiculous to your life.